Hot Chocolate

hot chocolote

Hot chocolate.  What do you think about hot chocolate. I will tell you what I think and I will tell you my favourite recipe.  I think that they are delicious there is no other better hot drink in the world. I will tell you my favourite recipe.  First you put one cup of milk into a microwaveable cup or bowl and then put it in the microwave for two minuites.  while you are waiting put two teaspoones of drinking chocolate powder into a cup.Then you put the milk in with it. Stir it and drink it.  Be careful it will be hot.

Attribution: By elana’s pantry

One thought on “Hot Chocolate

  1. Angus
    Hot chocolate sounds delicious. I think if you get the good drinking chocolate it makes a great drink. Although I mostly drink gallons of tea.
    First one with homework done this week, as you put your paragraph with the picture. Also you have the picture linking and showing attribution. Well done.

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