High In The Mountain

One day my mate Jimmy my dad Jim and I went on a hunting trip on a really tall mountain some where in theU.S.A.  I blow my deer call one calls back one calls back not to far away so we start going to where we herd it.  There it was a huge white tail stag a stag is a male deer it had huge antlers sixteen points. I take my shot, bang the killing shot echoes for ages I got it straight into its neck dead it falls straight away.  We go over to the deer and my dad picked it up and we start going to where we think our camp is but unfortunately we got lost looking for it and we left our cell phones at our camp.  Soon we come to a small creak and I slipped over when we were crossing it and I fell onto a sharp stick and got a deep cut in my leg so we were moving a lot slower then when we think it can’t get any worst, a huge bear came me and Jimmy didn’t see it but my dad did so he dropped the deer and shot it the shot gave Jimmy and I such a fright, I one of its inch and a half long teeth as a souvenir.  Soon we all felt hungry so we got some chips out of my bag some chips.  We see the tent where our camp is but it was on the top of a really tall cliff.  We remember that if your lost you fire off three shots into the air because it’s the signal for help but there was no reply.  Next we go around the huge cliff threw some razor sharp thorn bushes we get up to our camp with some scratches but they are not to bad.  As soon as we get there my dad dropped the deer and got his cell phone and called 911 a rescue helicopter comes and picks up all our camp gear and takes us the mountain and takes me to the hospital where I wake up with seven stitches in my leg and my family in the room I was in.  as soon as we get out of the hospital we some of the steaks off the deer we worked so hard to get.

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