My Holiday

We got up at 6.00am, we took our bags into the car then we drive into Wellington.  It went so fast because I was so excited.  I don’t know why but we got to go in front of everyone and go straight onto the boat. 

You know how I said that the drive into Wellington went really fast the boat ride seemed like it would take forever, I got so bored because my Ipod went flat.  So I walked outside.  When we were going through all the small Islands I saw a pod of dolphins speeding through the waves.  

We finally got to Picton but we got lost looking for our friends, house.  It’s on a really long road and we went straight past it and went for ages past their road.  Finally we turned around and we found it as soon as we got there, we got into their pool.  When we are in the pool the kids arrive from school so they got in too.  We got bored with the pool so we got into the spar pool.  When the house owners son got back from work he showed us his paintball guns but sadly they needed more compressed air in them so that was off the list so he showed us his BB guns and we shot cans off a fence post.  Time went past so quickly.  So soon it was dark and he had some other awesome toys.  The next one we used was his night vision goggles they were so cool.  There was a 110 year old orange tree about 100 meters away and you could see every orange on it and it was pitch, black.  After that it was about 10:30 on Friday night so he decided to take us drifting through their vineyard in his car that he made into a convertible. He once had a girlfriend and she gave him her old car so he wanted to have some fun so he cut the roof off. We had about nine people in a five seated car.  When we got back he took our parents out.

  The 2nd day it was the food and wine festival so we got baby sat by a guy named Ameleo.  It was so fun, we played mini cricket inside, it’s when you play cricket with a small bat, ball and small wickets and you play it on your knees its just like cricket but a little bit smaller.  After that we went swimming and when we were in the pool our parents got back. 

 The 3rd day we found out that the guy with the convertible had two shot guns and a thing that shoots hardened clay disks, its called clay bird shooting it is so fun.  After that my brother my friend and I made a really awesome hut out of wooden crates.

The 4th day all of my family went out on a water taxi to a, Island called Lockamara Island.  First we had some lunch then we went on the kayaks they were another thing that was so fun.  Next we went to the dock and we found a bucket full of fish food so we threw some in the water and then all we could see was small fish.  So I jumped off the dock and Harry threw in some fish food so when I was swimming I would be kicking the fish.  Next we found a really big rope swing that went off a about six meter cliff and you would go flying into the water.  Then we needed to dry of and get changed because our boat was coming to pick us up soon.  And we had a nice smooth ride into Picton. When we got back we had some delicious fish and chips.

On the 5th day we had to leave but there was still one more awesome thing we did. They have a mule a mule is just like a quad bike but with a roof on it and we put a seat on the back and we would get towed on it and we were on a plastic sled and we were videoing it on ipod touch.

We left about three hours after we were on the sled.  I will really miss them and I can’t wait until we go back another time.